China Build 250 Acre Giant Solar Panda

A new solar power plant in China, that is around 250 acres, has been designed and built in the shape of a giant panda. Producing 50-megawatts of energy, the power plant is the first phase of a United Nations Development Program to promote renewable energy.

United Nations Development Program

The plant, located in Datong City, Shanxi Province, has been installed by Hong Kong’s Panda Green Energy in agreement with the United Nations Development Program to promote renewable energy and the project has the capacity to power more than 8,000 homes.

Not only does the solar panel farm have potential environmental benefits. It will also play a crucial role in trying to get young children engaged in sustainable development and it has been said, they are even going to be recruiting people to participate in summer camps to allow them to gain a deeper understanding of green energies.

China is on the brink of a massive shift towards using solar power and other renewable energy sources, rather than continuing to use fossil fuels. Last year China contributed to half the additions to global solar capacity, showing that they are gradually starting to rely more on renewable sources of energy.

China Merchants New Energy

After this news, the solar panel panda has influenced other countries to consider building panda power stations as well, such as Fiji and the Philippines. And it has been said that over 100 are being considered to be built globally next year, because of the positive impact it has had.

The plant is said to be able to produce 3.2 billion kilowatt hours of solar energy in 25 years, which will automatically reduce the amount of coal used dramatically and could possibly reduce carbon emissions by up to 2.74 million tons, which will be extremely beneficial to China in the long run.