Germany Gets 85% Of Electricity From Renewables

On the 30th of April, Germany achieved a level of 85% of all the electricity consumed being produced from renewables, establishing a new national record.

This energy came from wind, solar, biomass and hydroelectric power with wind and solar being the key driving forces. A mix of breezy and sunny weather in the north and warm weather in the south combined to make the perfect situation for renewables to thrive.

“Most of Germany’s coal-fired power stations were not even operating on Sunday, April 30th, with renewable sources accounting for 85% of electricity across the country,” Patrick Graichen of Agora Energiewende Initiative said. “Nuclear power sources, which are planned to be completely phased out by 2022, were also severely reduced.”

According to Patrick Graichen, days like this will be completely normal by 2030 due to the work of the government’s Energiewende (energy transition) initiative.

The UK average renewables share of total generation in 2016 was 24.4% with Q4 2016 share of total generation for the UK was only 22.2% (Source).