Our Commercial Buy-Back scheme provides business owners a way to unlock the value of an existing solar PV system. Whether it’s freeing up capital to invest in new equipment, improve existing facilities, develop new products or simply to repay bank borrowings, we can help.

How it works

We offer you a cash sum in return for you transferring your Feed-in Tariff payments to us and entering into a solar rooftop lease. You continue to benefit from free electricity with no worries or concerns about the system performance or maintenance, as we take care of this.


How do you value my system?

Your system value is based on a number of specific variables: size of system (kWp), installation date/feed-in tariff accreditation date and system generation (kWh) since installation. We then undertake a technical survey of the system and a final purchase value is confirmed once this has been completed.

What if you find something wrong with the system during your technical visit?

We will highlight any issues to you, and if possible resolve them during our visit, at our cost. Where this is not possible, or the issues require more involved remedial works, we will discuss with you. This could impact the value of the system.

Will I still receive free electricity?

Yes, unless you opt for the Power Purchase Agreement.

What is the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

Under our Power Purchase Agreement, you will be eligible to receive a higher initial capital payment from us than under our free electricity model. In return, you will enter into a PPA under which you will receive discounted (but not free) electricity which is generated by the solar PV system, which you consume on site, for the remaining period of your Agreement.

What happens if the system breaks down or develops a fault?

Our remote monitoring equipment will alert us to a fault immediately and it is our responsibility to resolve the problem under the terms of our maintenance contract.

Why do I have to sign a lease and what does it mean when you say you will have a ’legal charge’ on my property’?

The signed lease is registered at HM Land Registry and the details recorded against the Title Register for your property. This provides us with a form of security as a tenant in that the lease terms are transferred to any new owner, upon sale of the property, for the remaining period of the lease.

What happens if we move or sell our property?

If you move or sell your property within the 20-year term, the lease of the roof space is transferred to the new owner and they will then continue to enjoy the benefits of the free clean, green electricity the system generates. If a PPA exists, the benefits of this will transfer, under a new agreement to the new owner.

What happens if we need to repair our roof during the term of the lease?

If your repair necessitates the removal of part or all of the solar PV system, we will undertake the removal and reinstatement at our cost. The repair work to your roof is undertaken by you at your expense.

I have a mortgage on the property. Will I have to tell the lender I am selling my system and will they approve the installation?

Yes. Before leasing your roof space we will seek consent from any lender who has a legal restriction over the property of your behalf. We have direct experience with most banks and as they are familiar with these schemes, it is extremely rare for them to object.

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