Sol PV Group offer a maintenance service on all types of solar systems, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the level of service they require. Our maintenance service includes:

  • Professional system analysis
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Inverter and generation maintenance
  • Maximum repayment on Feed-In-Tariff

If you have already invested in a solar PV system regardless of whom installed it you can protect your investment by ensuring faults are quickly identified and resolved, maximising your returns.

Solar panel manufacturers will give not only a warranty but also a performance guarantee on their solar PV panels. The guarantee is to assure you of the efficiency percentage of the photovoltaic panel after a certain amount of years (generally 25 years).

Solar photovoltaic panels should last for 30 years or more if fitted correctly, however, it is more than likely that the solar inverter may need replacing in this time scale.

Our fully accredited and certified staff would be happy to carry out an analysis on your system making sure you get the best of your F.I.T (feed-in tariff).

Operation and Maintenance service

Solar PV systems are designed to be low maintenance, but it's not recommended that they be treated as zero maintenance. Sol PV Group offer tailored O&M service for your solar PV system that will maximise its yield over 20 years, while minimising system down for any reason at all.

Sol PV Group offer market leading O&M services; which if taken out as part of our installation service will also include a 10 year guarantee on generation figures.

System Monitoring

Sol PV Group can offer full system monitoring with any O&M Package, working with all the leading monitoring services we can tailor a package to suit every client.

All monitoring is linked to our head office, so if you have a system problem we will know about it before you.

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