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Mawdsleys battery storage

Take the next step with battery storage for your business

Enhance your solar PV system even further with the addition of battery storage. Work with Sol PV Group to expand your current system or integrate a battery unit into your new installation.

Helping you get more from Solar PV

The energy generated by your solar panels is likely to cover most of your usage requirements - however, your system may need to draw from the national grid as demand increases above production rates. If you’d like your business to be completely independent from the grid, then battery storage is the perfect solution, where this technology allows you to store excess energy to be used when your business calls for it. 


The capacity of your storage unit will be decided based on the average amount of surplus electricity your system generates, and according to the needs of your business. Flexible in nature, these units are entirely scalable to match future demand, so your system can evolve as your operations do.

Solar Panels
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The benefits, at a glance

  • Store surplus energy from your panels for use when demand increases or for release to the grid once buy-back rates are higher  

  • Move one step closer to a building that’s fully self-sufficient  

  • Take advantage of the grid’s cheaper energy rates by drawing from the grid when energy prices fall 

  • Battery storage units are extremely low maintenance  

  • These systems are virtually noise free, ensuring no disruption to your workforce

Solar Charge Controller with panel

Amies recently had a PV system installed by Sol PV and we were impressed by the professionalism of the installation team. Happy with the final result and wouldn’t hesitate to work with Soll PV again on a future project.

Simon - W.E Amies & Co Ltd

Amies Plastics

Commended Large Project 2023
Winner Solar Installer 2023
Commended Small Project 2023
Third place award 2023
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Email Sol PV Group to begin designing your own renewable system or enhance your current set-up with battery storage.

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