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Solar Panels

Solar PV funding for businesses across the UK

Connecting you to funding solutions that react to the ever-changing marketplace. As part of our consultancy-led service, Sol PV Group will put you in contact with our partners to help you investigate all current grants and schemes available to fund your switch to solar.

We work alongside a select network of finance partners, meaning we can offer competitive options and tailored contract terms to suit your business requirements. Our 100% financed option is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes, where this allows you to fund your solar upgrade with fixed monthly payments over an agreed period.


With the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) Scheme, the energy savings you accrue combined with return rates for surplus electricity may cover your monthly repayments, making for a budget friendly solution. The interest rates available to you will depend on your current business credit rating.

The 100% financed option

Solar Panels


  • Achieve greatest ROI within around 3-5 years

  •  Typical IRR of between 30%-36%

  • Full ownership of the whole system - the system as an asset is yours along with all the benefits it brings

  • Achieve renewable energy for less than 2.5p per unit the life of your system - truly future proof your business against ever increasing energy costs

  • Offset the system purchase as CAPEX

Outright purchase – capital expenditure

Self financing is still the most popular option for solar PV or renewable energy system purchases. This option offers the highest returns over the lifetime of a system and will reduce your payback period considerably. 

Many businesses will also be eligible to offset up to £100,000 of the investment in tax through your annual investment allowance.


  • Free solar PV system - the system is fully funded by a reputable third party asset investor.

  • Guaranteed savings on energy bills - electricity generated by your PV system is purchased back off the investor at a rate cheaper than your current energy provider. This is linked to inflation better than the energy market.

  • No maintenance costs - as part of the agreement, your system will have an ongoing operation and maintenance contract at no cost to yourself.

  • Long term budget control - the unit price you pay for electricity generated by the system will be fixed for the term of the agreement, allowing you to budget better for the future.

  • Fully transferable - the PPA contract can be transferred to the new occupants should you move to new premises in the future.

  • Zero cost ‘green’ credentials - a zero cost route to improving your company’s CSR, enhancing relations with eco-conscious suppliers and customers.

PPA agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows your business to benefit from a fully funded solar system with no capital outlay. You will be able to purchase electricity from renewable source funders at a reduced rate compared to your current energy price. As this agreement is Index-linked to RPI rather than to steeply rising energy costs, your business will be able to set its own level for purchasing energy for the next 25 years.

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Winner Solar Installer 2023
Commended Large Project 2023
Commended Small Project 2023
Third place award 2023
Solar Panels


  • A payment plan to install any energy efficient equipment including solar panels, batteries and EV Chargers

  • A choice of a Rental Agreement or Hire Purchase Agreement

  • There is no initial capital outlay so we will supply and install the equipment as per normal

  • Energy bills will be significantly lower and the fixed payments for the agreed term are typically lower than the savings made therefore making it cash positive from day one

  • This type of funding usually works better on smaller systems up to 100kWp but we have experience of offering these for systems up to 300kWp

  • Terms are shorter than PPA™s and usually up to 10 years

  • Our customers have the option to purchase the equipment on both types at the end of the agreement

  • We can get indicative monthly payments immediately using the online portal

  • Solar PV

Asset Finance

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