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Group of workers working on solar panels

Solar PV for businesses across the UK

Future proof your business with Sol PV Group, the nation’s award-winning solar installer. We can provide innovative solutions for every sector, so you can upgrade your infrastructure whilst benefiting the planet.

Bridging the gap between your operations and renewables

An increasing number of businesses are looking to make their operations more environmentally friendly, where this has contributed to a nationwide rise in solar panel installations. These innovative panels utilise photovoltaic (PV) cells to absorb the sun’s energy and convert this into usable electricity. The typical British climate is ideal for powering solar panels all year round, where PV cells are designed to produce electricity even on cloudy days.

Using a renewable power source can help you to make huge savings on your running costs, whilst working towards energy independence for the future of your business. Our role is to help you to design a system that can deliver, where we can align our products with your current and prospective usage needs. In addition to design and planning, we can also install and maintain your system, ensuring it works at optimal levels throughout the year. Simply consult our expert team to discuss your project.

Solar Panels
Russells solar panels

The benefits of solar PV

  • Reduce your carbon emissions by switching to renewable methods of powering your operations 

  • Protect your business against raising energy costs  

  • Combine your panels with battery storage to utilise off-peak energy rates  

  • Futureproof your operations  

  • Promote your green credentials to stakeholders and customers  

  • Reduce running costs by generating your own electricity  

  • Get paid for any surplus energy generated by your system through Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) - a replacement of FiT

Engineer testing solar panels at sunny power plant

From the first contact with SOL PV Group, we found them quick to respond, informative, and took a no-nonsense approach to the project. They provided a quotation and specification which we worked through with them and ultimately, we placed an order with them. The project commences and progressed well and he back up from the team there has been 1st Class. We hope to see a quick the benefit from the installation and the Sun result in a quick payback of the investment, and reduction in ongoing costs. But the experience with them is positive and I plan to use them again in the future.

Darrell - TSGC

The Smashing Glass Company Nottingham Ltd

Winner Solar Installer 2023
Commended Large Project 2023
Third place award 2023
Commended Small Project 2023
Close up of photovoltaic solar panels with warm sun light bursting above horizon

Discover what’s possible with Sol PV Group and email our expert installation team to get the ball rolling.

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