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Solar Panels

Solar energy design & installation in 4 easy steps

Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, our aim is to keep things simple - which is why we’ve set forth a straightforward 4-step design and installation process for your business. Our Hebden Bridge based experts can help you to find the perfect operational solution, so you can join the thousands of companies across the UK making the switch to renewable energy.

Workers installing solar panels on a residential homes roof

Step 1:

Your site survey

The first stage in your solar energy journey is a site survey. Following an initial consultation, we’ll arrange a convenient date and time for one of our experienced surveyors to pay you a visit, where we will assess the suitability of your building for an installation.


During the visit, we’ll also confirm whether your roof receives enough sunlight for the solar panels to be viable throughout the year. This will depend on factors such as the pitch, direction, location and layout of your roof, where we will note the impact of windows and other obstructions. If your roof has additional structures such as HVAC pipes or chimneys, we’ll advise on the best approach to ensure your panels are in optimal view of the sun.

Step 2:

Solar design

After the first consultation has taken place, our next step is to specify the best solution for solar PV energy at your site. Our designers will take into consideration all information gathered from the first meeting, including your location, pitch and style of roof, and the direction of which the roof faces.

Based on the specifics and your requirements, we’ll identify which type of panels, meters and inverters would be most valuable. One key aspect we pay a lot of attention to is health and safety, and we will ensure that every detail is scrutinised to ensure we can maintain our ZERO accident policy.

Step 3:


Once the plan has been drafted and the approach agreed, we’ll begin the installation. We implement measures to ensure ongoing works run smoothly alongside your business operation, with no disruption to your daily activities. We have worked extensively with the NHS and education and healthcare sectors, advancing our knowledge on how to achieve this.  


Health and safety is one of the most important factors on any site, not only for our team but equally for the staff and customers of the businesses we are working with. Before every installation, a full and inclusive H&S meeting takes place to outline any potential areas of concern. Once the system is fitted and connected, we’ll complete a comprehensive electronic system check to ensure everything is running correctly.

Step 4:


Solar energy is one of the most reliable and dependable methods of power generation. Due to the system’s little to zero moving parts, there isn’t much that can go wrong. However, as with every electrical installation, other issues may arise that hinder your system from working at 100% efficiency. Our proactive approach to maintenance means we can prevent any minor niggles from escalation, offering both regular inspections and remote monitoring for added support.


What’s more, each new installation carried out by Sol P V Group will include our extensive maintenance and monitoring place for the first 2 years, as standard.

Engineer testing solar panels at sunny power plant
Winner Solar Installer 2023
Commended Large Project 2023
Commended Small Project 2023
Third place award 2023
Close up of photovoltaic solar panels with warm sun light bursting above horizon

Email Sol PV Group to book your initial visit and allow our team to manage your project with efficiency and without hassle. Whilst based in Hebden Bridge, you’ll see why we’re chosen by businesses up and down the UK!

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